Bruxism: Halt Unconscious Clenching and Grinding

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Do you want to find out why you have a sore jaw and headache every morning? It may be that you have a condition known as bruxism, the unconscious habit of clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth at night. It is damaging dilemma that can cause premature wear on your teeth, and even cause fractures, breaks, and chips.

We can treat bruxism with a night guard. Night guards provide an immediate protection for teeth clenching by cushioning the teeth and not allowing them to come into contact with one another. You can find common “boil and bite” mouthguards at any pharmacy or sporting goods store, but dentists can also provide customized night guards that are exact molds of your mouth.

There are other issues that must also be explored if you are diagnosed with bruxism.

Medications – There are many medications that cause bruxism. Discuss with your dentist any medications you are taking. Antidepressants are a common offender.

Stress – Anxiety is another major factor in patients we diagnose with bruxism. In these instances, you may want to try meditation, an exercise routine, or professional counseling to find ways to relax.

Diet – Avoid stimulants in drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks, and anything with a lot of caffeine.

Misaligned Teeth – Some forms of malocclusions (bad bite) can contribute to bruxism. We can remedy this form with teeth straightening and re-alignment.

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