Dental Implants: The Best Option for Missing Teeth

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If you’d like to know more about what exactly dental implants are, you’ve come to the right place. Dental implants are the metal posts that are surgically positioned in the area of gum and bone where tooth loss has occurred, and where the dentist will mount a replacement tooth.

When you have had a tooth extracted, or lost it through some other means, the area of the gum and bone where the loss occurred needs to be immediately filled with fortifying material and made ready for the dental implant and false tooth. Otherwise, bone loss will occur, reducing your options for a fix.

The small posts (implants) are screwed into the bone of your jaw or upper mandible to sustain and support the replacement artificial tooth. Implants are also used for more extensive procedures where more than one tooth is lost, and when denture or bridge support is needed. The implants make it so that they do not move or slip in the mouth.

Dental implants feel more comfortable, like your natural teeth, because of their solidity in the bone and gum, and many people have chosen them over traditional bridges and dentures due to this fact. You do need healthy gums to qualify to receive implants and adequate bone for support. This is why proper oral hygiene throughout life is critical to take advantage of these technological advancements in dentistry when needed.

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