Springtime Smiles: Cold and Flu Season Risks

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Are you aware of the implications associated with your oral health in regard to cold and flu season? If you have a cold or the flu, several problems in your body will begin to occur. Not only will you find yourself physically ill, but you may also be extremely tired and suffer from a downturn in your energy levels. To combat this, make sure to stay hydrated while sick and eat healthy foods that can help produce additional energy. However, your smile may be at risk of several problems if you are not careful, so give additional attention to your teeth and gums.

Oftentimes when you are sick, you may find yourself throwing up. If you find yourself physically ill and do vomit, be aware that harmful stomach acids will travel up into your mouth and stay there until they are washed away. It is important to rinse out your mouth as to not let these acids begin to chew through your tooth enamel. If these acids continue to chew through your tooth enamel, cavities will arise. To keep your smile safe, consider chewing sugarless gum to help rinse out your mouth after being sick.

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